A New Network Opened for Unsigned Bands

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Whether you’re trying to break into the music industry or your act just needs a few live gigs under your belt, there’s nothing easy about finding the exposure you want. It’s sad to think how many bands probably never made it because they just couldn’t find the places to perform. Others may not have made it simply because they never got seen by the right people. In any case, these problems may be safely behind you now thanks to Unsigned Band Network.

The Concept

The idea behind this new network is a fairly simple one. You have bands that are talented and want to get more playing time and exposure. You also have a large array of people who want live bands. We’re not talking fans here, but people like music agents, event coordinators, managers, etc.

So why not take what’s worked so well for social media and leverage it against this marketplace? That’s the idea that gave birth to this new network for the music industry.

Connections to Be Made

To be clear, the Network isn’t actually part of the music industry. But that’s almost one of the best parts. When you decide to use the network, it doesn’t mean you need to sign a contract or go in with some company. The Network is actually a not for profit that’s just looking to help one group of people connect with another.
In the past, a lot of good music probably fell by the wayside because this type of social media platform wasn’t around. Hopefully, that problem is now coming to an end.

For Agents, Managers and Event Coordinators

Keep in mind too that people on the other side of the spectrum—the agents, managers and event coordinators we mentioned earlier—get just as much from the site as the bands. In fact, the site really caters to these types because they’re an essential fixture.

So whether you need Australian unsigned bands for a festival coming out or just need an opening act, you now have a place to go. Likewise, if you want to add more acts to your label, but don’t want to spend countless nights going around to local clubs, you now have a place to go. And, of course, if you’re an unsigned band that just needs to get some more exposure, you now have a place to go. It’s called Unsigned Band Network and it’s going to change how music is done.

Please visit the Unsigned Band Network of Australia http://unsignedbandnetwork.com, alternatively you can stalk them on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Unsigned-Bands-Network-Australia/1388552091393479 or follow them on twitter https://twitter.com/aussieunsigned

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