Needle-Free injections for Pain-Free Dental Care


The latest trend in dental technology is jet injectors, which provide a pain-free experience. Jet injectors don’t use the traditional hypodermic needle that many children are scared of thanks to tetanus shots. During the 60’s the idea of a jet injector was introduced in Star Trek as a “hypospray”. In 1997 the Department of Defense (US) announced it would stop using jet injectors for vaccination due to concerns with infections. There was a very large gap in the market for sometimes and it wasn’t until 2013 that PharmaJet received WHO PQS Certification.

Today in Australia there are several uses for jet injectors and the major players are dental surgeons. When it comes to dental care one of the biggest fears about visiting dentists being the needle; nobody likes a one inch sharp bit of metal being stabbed into their mouth.

How it works is the device push a small stream of liquid that can penetrate the skin, delivering medication comfortably and without the need of a needle.
If you would like to find out more information, please contact the two businesses below.

Needle-Free Injection Technology

Injex Australia
11 Evans Street
Burwood, Vic, 3125

Phone: 03 98888771
ABN: 31119954004

Reputable Needle-Free Injection Dental Clinics

Painfree Dentistry (Parramatta, Sydney)
Dr. Elie Alam
77 Marion Street
Harris Park, NSW, 2150

Phone: 02 9635 5166
ABN: 79743081684

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