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Becoming a professional writer can be tough in this day and age, especially when the competition is very high. A few weeks ago our favourite online marketing blogger posted an article that really changed the way I think about this website and how I write.

Similar to technology, the writing industry is also growing. Entrepreneurs are launching websites each and every day with the purpose of creating content to share with potential customers. Who else has to do the writing? Information is proving to be powerful especially when taken out from the internet. Entrepreneurs want good and high-quality content for their customers. Their content is actually a selling point.

A search on the internet provides an endless list of writing sites – from those who specialize in articles, essays, reports and academic writings among others. There are also a number of marketplaces promoting the data industry. These marketplaces are where writers currently earn from. If you are a writer, you only need to expand your search for jobs to earn from your writing skills.

There are writers who work full-time while others on a part-time basis. For those with side jobs, it is not really easy to understand the significance of writing. They are into the task to earn some extra money. Now, focus onto writers who want to earn some real money from their skills.

This article is inspired by Nicks article “Becoming a professional writer and going full-time” where he extends on other factors and goes through a process.

Common marketplaces people can buy articles

Before giving you a number of marketplaces you can buy articles from, it is important for writers to keep in mind a few pointers. First off, writing is not an easy task especially when you are just getting into it. Writing requires time, dedication and an open mind to be able to learn new skills, improve creativity and how to expound on ideas. Entrepreneurs and other clients out there are looking for the best article to place on their websites. They expect such content to convert into a sale at end of the day for them to make profits and hire writers once for. If these goals are not met it is likely that clients will proceed to the next strategy.

One thing about writing marketplaces for writers to note is that there are deadlines to be met. We have marketplaces that allocate 2 -5 hours to an article depending on the volume of content required.  Second, the instructions provided by clients are vital during the writing process. If such important aspects are not followed, your project will not be approved and you will not be paid.

With good writing skills, following instructions and delivering on time, you are going to earn money from the following marketplaces.


iWriter is a popular marketplace and great for writers. Many writing projects are posted are posted here- productive reviews, general articles and blogs. There are clients instructions which writers are expected to follow and reach the provided word count.

You do not need extraordinary skills to write on iWriter; however you cannot also access all writing projects. Fresh writers are only allowed to write standard assignments. After completing a number of assignments writers proceed to premium, elite and elite plus to be able to access good paying jobs.  With an elite plus star it is possible to earn $ 100 dollars per article. This is a good marketplace to build your writing skills and eventually earn good money.


This is one of the best places to buy articles from. It only approves of high quality content from writers. If you are good at what you do you could earn a lot from ghostbloggers. Their standard pricing per 100 words is $3.50. If you understand authority content, you could earn a lot from this marketplace. Content submission goes through a number of steps as moderators have to check for quality before hitting the yes button.  If you are good in a certain niche you may opt for ghostbloggers to earn more.


Zerys stands out from the rest where quality is concerned. This marketplace attracts marketers and big agencies that seek content for their websites. One thing about Zerys is that there is constant workflow. This means as a writer their writer you are going to earn a lot. If writing is your full-time job and hardworking be sure to gain your stability within a few months.


A dedicated writer will get her breakthrough when using DotWriter. You could make a lot of money from this site if you are devoted and skilled. Similar to iWriter, it will take time to make really a lot. However once your reputation is out there and clients give you good reviews you are good to go.

The fact that there are writing marketplaces does not switching your career is easy. Writing needs focus and extreme patience. “The general writers market is not going earn you $1 per word right away, however if you’re determined and realistic with an entrepreneurial attitude, you will get to that point in good time.” Similar to Natasha Nixon you have to be willing to take risks and that is how you will become top most article writer.


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