Highlights for Melbourne Cup 2015


It has come that time again where the horses race, the tips are flowing and everyone thinks they’re going to win a lot of money. For anyone living overseas (not in Australia) and are thinking “WTF?” then Melbourne Cup is nothing more than a tradition. It is the biggest horse race that defines our traditions. We all dress up and head down to the muddy grass. Let’s go through some of the highlights for 2015.

The moment that chick pushed the cop and he didn’t give a fuck.

This would have to be one of the funniest moment this year as a woman in a blue dress just casually walks up to a police officer, pushed him in the bushes and the guy couldn’t care less as he just keeps talking on his phone.

When that facebook selfie cost $900

don't post sensitive stuff on facey

I recall seeing a lot of articles circulating recently warning people to not post pictures that include sensitive information like tickets, credit cards and passports on social media. Still this woman did it anyway.

When the first female jockey wins the cup killed it on the track.

first female jockey to win melbourne cup and her family

It is a historical moment when a female jockey takes the cup for 2015. I for one will remember where I was when I seen number 19 tear down the outside and take the winning position.

That moment I got a mad horse racing tip from some random website

equus racing
The picture is a snapshot of the website. For all professional horse racing tips visit the website and tell them about this article, or not, I don’t care.

Yep, I’m a member and some of the tips I received were quite valuable, but not as valuable as that cop landing in the bushes, that was funny as hell! Sure it’s not everyone’s highlight, but i was mine and I do whatittakes.me to achieve a result. (see what I did there?)

That moment I realised that Nikki Phillips is someone I should be following in Instagram. WOW!

Nikki and Jennifer
Image: Nikki with Jennifer (From Nikki’s Instagram)

Nikki is often seen on the Morning Show (Channel 7) and a string of advertising including advertorials. She looks great in a hat!

For more Melbourne Cup Fashionistas see the article.

When Jess bailed on singing the national anthem

Jess Status Update
jess at the cup

It broke many people’s hearts not mine – that Jess wasn’t able to perform at the Melbourne Cup. I heard is was something to do with a wardrobe malfunction.

Last but not least, all the drunk crazy people out and about.

THAT’S IT! If you missed the race then why not take a look at the video blow, it’s the race…

See the full race here

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