Pitch Me Your Idea

284595-julia-gillard-glassesDo you have a story to tell? Perhaps you’re trying to start a new business in your bedroom and want some help with the launch. I’m open to people pitching me stories, product review suggestions or even publishing a guest post.

Advertising & Sponsorship’s

I work a lot and this website is just my hobby. I accept sponsors to help me fund the website and it’s by no means an income stream. So advertisers, don’t even bother.

Sponsorship’s are negotiated and I’m open to grow the website if the right business comes along. I only accept Australian businesses as sponsors, and to have your logo on my website with a link, it must be a .com.au website. This is my way to filter out the “com’ers and go’ers”.

We do have a policy around guest posting also, which is similar to the Sponsorship’s / Donations.

Things I accept

  • Australian Company Articles
  • Australian Company Sponsorship’s / Donations
  • Story Pitches
  • Product Review Suggestions

Thanks I don’t accept

Ok, I’ve had a few blogs previously and I know that if an article comes back with 600 – 800 words, one picture and two links embeded to home pages, you’re a agency. I don’t accept agency offers or “paid publishing” offers.

Make sure if you do want to submit an article, it’s a good piece of content I would love to share via our personal social media accounts. That’s all. you can reach out to us by clicking on the About & Contact page.