You Need to Invest in Screen Printing for your band


Since I wrote about the Unsigned Band Network, I have been quite the busy man. I’ve been helping do a re-develop of the site with an official launch to come. Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because we are looking to hook up a sweet deal for band merchandise. Ohhhh yeah. The big boys over at 24 Hour T-shirts have hooked us up with a special discount on bulk band merch.

Think about it like this… You are looking forward to your next big concert. Your band has rehearsed each song for weeks and you are overly excited about finally being able to showcase your work to your loyal fans at the venue. If you truly want to make sure that your band is able to milk this opportunity to maximize exposure and give your fans something that they will never forget, you should seriously consider investing in Gildan screen printing to create band T-shirts for them to wear. Why the hell not! These days everyone knows that bands rely on merch to survive.

One of the main reasons why you should invest in screen printing your band T-shirts, for your fans, is because of the simple fact that everyone loves a great T-shirt; hell, even I still wear shitty old Lagwagon t-shirts from 1998.

When someone wears your t-shirt at your gig, you know that your fans love you and your band – which is one of the main reasons why they are buying tickets to your concert in the first place. Therefore, creating screen printed shirts – perhaps with your picture on them – will only make them love you even more!


I should probably mention that I put emphasis screen printed t-shirts because digital printed t-shirts fucking suck balls. They fade quickly, they’re expensive if you order more than one. Pffft.


And the award goes to….. Gildan!

Do you plan on having any type of meet and greet session with your fans either before or after the concert is over? If so, you will be able to benefit greatly by investing in Gildan T-shirts, because you can give some away during these events. Thanks to the high-quality fabric used by Gildan products, you can even use these shirts as canvases for autographs if that is what your fans prefer.

Gildan are affordable, but don’t lack in quality; meaning they’re no shit. Another good brand that’s just come into the market, pushed by the boys over at 24 Hour T-shirts is Keya; check out the range here.

As mentioned earlier, your fans are going to want to remember your concert forever – especially if you are able to pull off the nearly perfect performance that you and your band have been working so hard to provide behind the scenes for so long. By using screen printed shirts to create your band merch, you will be able to do just that! Whether your fans decide to wear your shirts on a regular basis or even frame them (after they have been autographed by your bandmates), you will be able to give them a souvenir that they can cherish and value much longer after your concert is over.

High-Quality Shirts, Low-Quality Prices

Another benefit for investing in Gildan or Keya screen-printing, is that you will not have to worry about breaking the bank just to buy band t-shirts. When it comes to developing and designing band T-shirts, the expenses associated with this endeavor could go through the roof. Look, everyone and anyone can use photoshop these days, and there is always fiverr if you get stuck on designs.


However, as long as you trust in a reputable brand and well-established screen printing T-shirt company in Australia – here comes the promo – then get onto 24 hour T-shirts, you can rest assured in knowing that you will be getting a great deal.


The team at 24-Hour T-Shirts is fully equipped and prepared to provide you with competitively priced deals that lead to high-quality and T-shirts for low-quality prices. Give your loyal fans the experience of a lifetime and the memorable souvenir to never forget it without having to run broke and lose a substantial amount of money to do it.

Just FYI, if you think you can do the screen printing yourself, then you can always buy your blank apparel from a site called Click n Wear. They provide all those brands including the almighty famous AS Colour.

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