Why is content king?


Content, it’s the topic amongst many internet marketers, business owners and web developers. The only people that truly know about content are writers and search engine optimisation experts. The reason that is, writers know grammar and SEO’s know formatting.

Your website is going to live and die based on the content that you produce and share. Google is all about authenticity and transparency, with people trying to game to system eventually being caught. This article will go over some information and resources for Australian businesses, hopefully providing some quality and encouraging you to take action to ensure your standards compliance are met, including the almighty Panda Algorithm update.


That probably all sounds a little bit melodramatic, but you have to understand that content really is king today – and probably always will be from here on out. Web users and visitors just won’t tolerate anything less than high quality content any longer, and search engine algorithms and “web crawlers” have been redesigned from the ground up to avoid content from terrible article writers pushing junk out of a content mill.

Unless you want your website to survive in the backwoods of the last few pages of a Google search result, you need to focus on producing high-quality content for your visitors.

The Internet has created the most competitive business environment in human history.

Entrepreneurs and business people have never had to fight for every single customer like the way they do today. Competition is pouring in from all corners of the globe, and anyone with a laptop and Internet connection (and a harebrained, halfcocked idea or scheme) can create their own global business before dinnertime.

And they are going to be gunning for your customers.

raaage_pandaThe only way to jump above all of the noise, clutter, and confusion in your market today is to stand out as an expert, a celebrity, and someone that can be trusted. Visitors to your website are going to need to know (almost immediately) that you are on their side, but that you also know exactly what you’re talking about – and have the answers that they are looking for.

High quality content that has been written for real visitors, real human beings, and real potential customers (as opposed to content for SEO spiders) is the only way to penetrate into a new market today and build your business from the ground up. Don’t get me wring here, you do need to follow quality guidelines to avoid being hit by Panda, but if you’re providing great content then Panda shouldn’t be an issue.

The ultimate way to have high quality content written is to go down to your local TAFE and try to hire someone doing their diploma in journalism. Once you have content to publish, you will need to invest in content marketing to gain some traffic.

A quick word about hiring article writers

If you haven’t been gifted with the seemingly supernatural ability to pump out high quality content on a regular basis (or if, as any smart and savvy entrepreneur, you have more important things to do with your time), you’re going to want to hire high quality article writers.

Not all of them are created equally.

You’re going to find seemingly anyone that can string a couple of sentences together is going to offer their services to you, promising you the moon and the stars when it comes to results. Unfortunately, just because their English teacher in grade school thought they could really compose a book report they think they have the chops to help you build your business.

Some of them might be able to. But most of them will run your business right into the ground with terrible writing and poor content.

And a lot of them can do the damage a lot faster than you would believe!

Don’t visit content mills or article writer grind houses to find people to work on your high quality content. Instead, keep an eye out for articles that catch your eye and hold your attention (or even get you to pull out your wallet) as you bounce around the Internet. And when you find them (and you will find them), drop that writer a line and find out what it would take to bring them on board your team.

Those kinds of article writers, the kind that know just how valuable killer content really is, are worth their weight in gold.

A quick word about content marketing

This is essential if you’re providing unique content. People will naturally link back to you if you are providing a reference article of writing about a topic that generally isn’t covered as yet. There are a large number of platforms out there already, but the main platform people turn to is Outbrain. Of course, you can’t beat good old fashioned outreach to influences and asking for feedback. Try and send a gift to people that do provide feedback as they will share that on social and social media signals are very important.


This article was compiled because I’ve issues I’ve had to face with my business. I just want to give a quick should out to Nick Cavarretta that provided some kick ass training for following these guidelines. If you’re a business owner and need to be delivered a training course in SEO guidelines for content, then hit him up at https://nickcavarretta.com.au/ and mention this article.

If you need article writers then also hit up Nick as he owns a content creation company and provides content with potential to go viral. Their main focus are press releases and news articles.

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