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My name is Angela Brown and I used to run this website with my boyfriends, however, he’s no longer in the picture. This is my blog. Hi.

About Me

Divorced with one child, he’s seven now (2016) and the father is no longer in the picture. My previous boyfriend Jayson – what a douche name – is my latest failure and now I’m pouring some love into this website.

I like girly things, like make-up and clothes, shoes and nail polish particularly. I worked part-time as a journalist and now work part-time in a CD shop. I spend my free time socialising with friends and working on this website. I’m interested in topics like online marketing, fashion in general, Instagram and photography. Anything home improvement based is very welcome, I’m working on my home at the moment (it’s a work in progress).

If you want to know more, check out my little bit of text in the sidebar, it even has a link to my resume.


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