You Need to Invest in Screen Printing for your band


Since I wrote about the Unsigned Band Network, I have been quite the busy man. I’ve been helping do a re-develop of the site with an official launch to come. Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because we are looking to hook up a sweet deal for band merchandise. Ohhhh yeah. The big boys over at 24 Hour T-shirts have hooked us up with a special discount on bulk band merch.

Think about it like this… You are looking forward to your next big concert. Your band has rehearsed each song for weeks and you are overly excited about finally being able to showcase your work to your loyal fans at the venue. If you truly want to make sure that your band is able to milk this opportunity to maximize exposure and give your fans something that they will never forget, you should seriously consider investing in Gildan screen printing to create band T-shirts for them to wear. Why the hell not! These days everyone knows that bands rely on merch to survive.

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A New Network Opened for Unsigned Bands

band stage

Whether you’re trying to break into the music industry or your act just needs a few live gigs under your belt, there’s nothing easy about finding the exposure you want. It’s sad to think how many bands probably never made it because they just couldn’t find the places to perform. Others may not have made it simply because they never got seen by the right people. In any case, these problems may be safely behind you now thanks to Unsigned Band Network.

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