Marketplaces For Writers To Earn A Living


Becoming a professional writer can be tough in this day and age, especially when the competition is very high. A few weeks ago our favourite online marketing blogger posted an article that really changed the way I think about this website and how I write.

Similar to technology, the writing industry is also growing. Entrepreneurs are launching websites each and every day with the purpose of creating content to share with potential customers. Who else has to do the writing? Information is proving to be powerful especially when taken out from the internet. Entrepreneurs want good and high-quality content for their customers. Their content is actually a selling point.

A search on the internet provides an endless list of writing sites – from those who specialize in articles, essays, reports and academic writings among others. There are also a number of marketplaces promoting the data industry. These marketplaces are where writers currently earn from. If you are a writer, you only need to expand your search for jobs to earn from your writing skills.

There are writers who work full-time while others on a part-time basis. For those with side jobs, it is not really easy to understand the significance of writing. They are into the task to earn some extra money. Now, focus onto writers who want to earn some real money from their skills.

This article is inspired by Nicks article “Becoming a professional writer and going full-time” where he extends on other factors and goes through a process.

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Most Common Hot Water Systems for Apartments in Sydney

hot water tanks

With so many more apartments being built today around Sydney, choosing the right hot water system for each apartment is more relevant than ever. There are numerous choices depending on many factors such as space available, gas or electricity available to the unit, the hot water demands of the householder, one’s budget and the size of the apartment. Listed below are the most common types and sizes of hot water systems found in apartments around Sydney, together with the exact location

Listed below are the most common types and sizes of hot water systems found in apartments around Sydney, together with the exact location within the apartment that they are most likely to be installed?

UPDATE: We have added a new section in regards to solar hot water systems. We never added this section previously because we didn’t know about it, however, thanks to some information provided by Modern Group, we now know what to include.

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Why is content king?


Content, it’s the topic amongst many internet marketers, business owners and web developers. The only people that truly know about content are writers and search engine optimisation experts. The reason that is, writers know grammar and SEO’s know formatting.

Your website is going to live and die based on the content that you produce and share. Google is all about authenticity and transparency, with people trying to game to system eventually being caught. This article will go over some information and resources for Australian businesses, hopefully providing some quality and encouraging you to take action to ensure your standards compliance are met, including the almighty Panda Algorithm update.

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