Nan and Pop Need Denture Repairs, Stat!


Have you ever looked at your nan and pop and though, wow, you guys need to get your dentures repaired. Well, I’ve got some great information for you! I’ve recently been all about teeth, real my latest post about that, but this time it’s not my cousins that need help, it’s the oldies.

I’ve done some research about denture repairs and me being one to not waste knowledge, I’ve decided to write a blog post about it so my friends can get all their grandparent on-board. When I first started I assumed denture repairs could be done by a dentist that does my cosmetic dentistry, but I was wrong! You actually need a denture guy and it fits more into the category of mouthguards, not cosmetic dentistry. Who knew!?!

How do they break?

I know what you’re thinking, nan and pop got into a bar fight and when the 70 year old grandma launched the stool across the room to hit someones face, she copped a nice schooner to the mouth that chipped her tooth. Well, despite what you think it’s more likely to be from wear and tear or the dentures don’t fit properly.

My denture guy, Elias, pretty much told me that nobody should attempt to repair dentures themselves, it’s a custom job as every mouth is different. So I pretty much threw out the super glue half empty and started scratching off some glue from pops front tooth.

Relines are also a thing…

Yep, apparently our gums are changing all the time due to moisture, age, bone illness or teeth loss. I know I’m having a laugh about pops mouth, but on a serious note he finds it hard to eat properly since he got his new dentures. At first we though it was just a matter of him getting used to it, but in the end it was a bad fit!

This is the same for old dentures also, as the mouth changes, the dentures no longer fit and as you’re eating nornally you’re cracking teeth and being generally uncomfortable. I would treat your teeth like your car and get them serviced every 5,000 chews.

Rounding all that up!

  • Your mouth changes, get your dentures serviced and relined if needed
  • If dentures break, superglue is not the answer
  • Go see Elias if you want a pro in Sydney
  • Dentures are not done by most dentists
  • Tell your grandparent to avoid bar fights


Hope this helps girls – and guys that might find this – and tell your grandparent to stop chewing so hard!



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How YOU can manage your reputation online


Strangers on the web want to destroy your business and with the rise of Negative SEO it’s becoming more and more important to monitor you or your brand inside Google Search.

At least that’s what it feels like when your business and personal branding reputation is on the line and being attacked from customers (or sneaky little competitors) that you’ve never even met!

Personal branding and reputation management are critically important today. The odds are very good that your prospects, customers, and potential business partners are going to Google your name or the name of your business before they give you any money at all. This is also going to ring alarm bells if you’re looking for a job.

What they find during that quick search can make or break you. This isn’t something that you can afford to fool around with.

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Needle-Free injections for Pain-Free Dental Care


The latest trend in dental technology is jet injectors, which provide a pain-free experience. Jet injectors don’t use the traditional hypodermic needle that many children are scared of thanks to tetanus shots. During the 60’s the idea of a jet injector was introduced in Star Trek as a “hypospray”. In 1997 the Department of Defense (US) announced it would stop using jet injectors for vaccination due to concerns with infections. There was a very large gap in the market for sometimes and it wasn’t until 2013 that PharmaJet received WHO PQS Certification.

Today in Australia there are several uses for jet injectors and the major players are dental surgeons. When it comes to dental care one of the biggest fears about visiting dentists being the needle; nobody likes a one inch sharp bit of metal being stabbed into their mouth.

How it works is the device push a small stream of liquid that can penetrate the skin, delivering medication comfortably and without the need of a needle.
If you would like to find out more information, please contact the two businesses below.

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