Marketplaces For Writers To Earn A Living

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Becoming a professional writer can be tough in this day and age, especially when the competition is very high. A few weeks ago our favourite online marketing blogger posted an article that really changed the way I think about this website and how I write.

Similar to technology, the writing industry is also growing. Entrepreneurs are launching websites each and every day with the purpose of creating content to share with potential customers. Who else has to do the writing? Information is proving to be powerful especially when taken out from the internet. Entrepreneurs want good and high-quality content for their customers. Their content is actually a selling point.

A search on the internet provides an endless list of writing sites – from those who specialize in articles, essays, reports and academic writings among others. There are also a number of marketplaces promoting the data industry. These marketplaces are where writers currently earn from. If you are a writer, you only need to expand your search for jobs to earn from your writing skills.

There are writers who work full-time while others on a part-time basis. For those with side jobs, it is not really easy to understand the significance of writing. They are into the task to earn some extra money. Now, focus onto writers who want to earn some real money from their skills.

This article is inspired by Nicks article “Becoming a professional writer and going full-time” where he extends on other factors and goes through a process.

Common marketplaces people can buy articles

Before giving you a number of marketplaces you can buy articles from, it is important for writers to keep in mind a few pointers. First off, writing is not an easy task especially when you are just getting into it. Writing requires time, dedication and an open mind to be able to learn new skills, improve creativity and how to expound on ideas. Entrepreneurs and other clients out there are looking for the best article to place on their websites. They expect such content to convert into a sale at end of the day for them to make profits and hire writers once for. If these goals are not met it is likely that clients will proceed to the next strategy.

One thing about writing marketplaces for writers to note is that there are deadlines to be met. We have marketplaces that allocate 2 -5 hours to an article depending on the volume of content required.  Second, the instructions provided by clients are vital during the writing process. If such important aspects are not followed, your project will not be approved and you will not be paid.

With good writing skills, following instructions and delivering on time, you are going to earn money from the following marketplaces.


iWriter is a popular marketplace and great for writers. Many writing projects are posted are posted here- productive reviews, general articles and blogs. There are clients instructions which writers are expected to follow and reach the provided word count.

You do not need extraordinary skills to write on iWriter; however you cannot also access all writing projects. Fresh writers are only allowed to write standard assignments. After completing a number of assignments writers proceed to premium, elite and elite plus to be able to access good paying jobs.  With an elite plus star it is possible to earn $ 100 dollars per article. This is a good marketplace to build your writing skills and eventually earn good money.


This is one of the best places to buy articles from. It only approves of high quality content from writers. If you are good at what you do you could earn a lot from ghostbloggers. Their standard pricing per 100 words is $3.50. If you understand authority content, you could earn a lot from this marketplace. Content submission goes through a number of steps as moderators have to check for quality before hitting the yes button.  If you are good in a certain niche you may opt for ghostbloggers to earn more.


Zerys stands out from the rest where quality is concerned. This marketplace attracts marketers and big agencies that seek content for their websites. One thing about Zerys is that there is constant workflow. This means as a writer their writer you are going to earn a lot. If writing is your full-time job and hardworking be sure to gain your stability within a few months.


A dedicated writer will get her breakthrough when using DotWriter. You could make a lot of money from this site if you are devoted and skilled. Similar to iWriter, it will take time to make really a lot. However once your reputation is out there and clients give you good reviews you are good to go.

The fact that there are writing marketplaces does not switching your career is easy. Writing needs focus and extreme patience. “The general writers market is not going earn you $1 per word right away, however if you’re determined and realistic with an entrepreneurial attitude, you will get to that point in good time.” Similar to Natasha Nixon you have to be willing to take risks and that is how you will become top most article writer.



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Most Common Hot Water Systems for Apartments in Sydney

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hot water tanksWith so many more apartments being built today around Sydney, choosing the right hot water system for each apartment is more relevant than ever. There are numerous choices depending on many factors such as space available, gas or electricity available to the unit, the hot water demands of the householder, one’s budget and the size of the apartment. Listed below are the most common types and sizes of hot water systems found in apartments around Sydney, together with the exact location within the apartment that they are most likely to be installed?

50 Litre Tank

The 50 litre tank is probably the most frequently sized water heater found in apartments around Sydney. This is mainly due to both its small, compact size and its ease of installation. Being only 670mm – 700mm in height and approximately 400mm in diameter, it comfortably fits under a kitchen bench, laundry bench or even bathroom vanity. Another place in which these 50 litre tanks are often installed is inside a hallway cupboard or laundry cupboard. Therefore, these systems can be easily concealed and hidden away out of site. Another location is on brackets on the laundry wall or even bathroom wall – often due to limited space within the apartment and therefore creating further space on the floor.

These 50 litre systems are easily installed in virtually any apartment due to them working on electricity. There are two options for electricity connection for the 50 litre system – one being a hard wired set up where the cable is run from the switchboard to the actual hot water system; the other being a plug in to power point option. The plug in option makes installation of a 50 litre possible in virtually any situation because all you need is a power point and then water pipe run to it and connected to the hot water taps.

50 litre water heaters are found in virtually every apartment building in Sydney. Some typical examples of suburbs within Sydney’s East are Bondi Junction, Bondi, Maroubra and Randwick. Sydney’s CBD also has many tall buildings, as does Manly on the Northern Beaches and Parramatta in the Western Suburbs.

80 Litre Tank

80 litre tanks are not as commonly found in apartments as the smaller 50. Reason being that they take up more space and therefore won’t fit in certain places, like under a kitchen bench , laundry bench, bathroom vanity or cupboards with certain height restrictions. However, for apartments wanting that extra capacity of hot water, the most common locations within the apartment are: on laundry floor, sometimes on heavy duty steel brackets suspended on laundry wall, hallway or storage cupboard and on an outside balcony. The height of these tanks are approximately 920mm – 950mm, and the diameter around 490mm. These dimensions make the 80 litre unit approximately 250mm taller and 90mm larger in diameter than the smaller 50 litre. Apartments with more space in either the laundry or hallway or storage cupboards, may be inclined to opt for the larger 80 litre unit in order to get those extra few minutes of showering.

125 Litre Tank

Much less common again is the 125 litre. Although its diameter is the same as the 80 litre unit, its height of approximately 1340mm, makes it around 400mm taller than the 80 litre. This significant difference in height limits the positions in an apartment in which the 125 litre can be installed. Common positions are: on the laundry floor, in a hallway cupboard or on an outside balcony.

The benefit of the 125 litre is its extra capacity, allowing it to provide significant extra hot water (5 – 10 minutes) compared to the smaller 80 and 50 litre units. Once the water runs out of these tanks, they then go through a reheating cycle, and the smaller the tank, the quicker it is to reheat the whole tank.

160, 250, 315 and 400 Litre Tanks

These much larger tanks are very rarely found in apartments around Sydney due to their extra height and diameter. Only apartments of much larger floor space or purpose built apartments, are likely to have water heaters of this larger size. It is possible that newer luxury apartment buildings in Sydney CBD, harbour side locations in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, harbour side spots in Sydney’s Inner West and Northern Beaches are more likely to have these larger capacity tanks.

Apart from the extra hot water available, a further benefit of these larger capacity tanks is the option of connecting them to Off Peak heating. This presents the householder with significant savings in heating / energy costs, due to its lower Off Peak rates. Off Peak heating is only available to these larger tank sizes. However, in order for an apartment to connect to this cheaper heating, its building needs to have accessibility to the Off Peak cabling (something that is not always physically possible).

3 Phase Electric Instantaneous

The electric 3 Phase instantaneous water heaters are not as often found in apartment buildings, compared to the more common hot water tanks. These 3 Phase water heaters require 3 Phase electricity, making them more difficult to have installed in an apartment building. In fact, they are more likely to be found in much older buildings, where provision was made for their installation many years ago. Once a 3 Phase unit has been installed, it is easy to replace it with another 3 Phase water heater. Years ago, these systems were installed a lot more frequently than they are today.

Being smaller and more compact than the 50 litre tank, they can be installed virtually anywhere in an apartment, as long as 3 Phase power and water connections are nearby. Their compact size makes them very suitable for apartments, especially those with limited space.

These systems have a significant energy saving advantage, in that they only heat up when a hot water tap is turned on, and immediately stop heating when the hot water tap is turned off. The energy savings can be quite significant over time. However, one big disadvantage is its very low water pressure, particularly noticed when having a shower. For people who are used to the higher water pressure supplied by a mains pressure hot water tank, this significant reduction in water pressure from a 3 Phase unit can become a major source of frustration. So much so that the energy savings becomes a lesser priority, compared to the importance of having a full water pressure shower daily.

3 Phase electric instantaneous units can be found in any region of Sydney, but the more common areas are Sydney’s Southern Suburbs, such as Eastlakes, Botany, Mascot, Arncliffe, Rockdale, Bexley, Cronulla, Sutherland Shire and many more.

Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

The gas continuous flow water heaters are less commonly found in apartments around Sydney, but rather in houses, town houses and villas. However, more modern apartments and newly built apartment blocks sometimes create the opportunity for the installation of these gas systems. In order to have them installed inside an apartment, there needs to be gas piping run to the exact position of the water heater, as well as the provision for appropriate gas flue pipe through either an internal wall to outside, or through a ceiling space to outside. This gas flue pipe takes the gas emissions from the water heater to the outside air. So without the appropriate gas piping and flue piping, it is simply not possible to install a gas continuous flow inside an apartment.

However, if there is natural gas in an apartment building, another possible location for the gas continuous flow to be installed is on the outside balcony. Being outside, the flue becomes less of an issue. Therefore, it is becoming more common to find these water heaters either on an outside balcony or even on an outside wall to an apartment building, pending strata approval of course.

One advantage of these gas systems is their energy saving (leading to lower heating / energy costs), due to them only heating up when a hot water tap is turned on. They immediately cease heating once a hot water tap is turned off. Another advantage is the continuous hot water provided. That is, they virtually never run out of hot water, as opposed to electric tanks which are restricted by their litre capacity.

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Why is content king?

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Content, it’s the topic amongst many internet marketers, business owners and web developers. The only people that truly know about content are writers and search engine optimisation experts. The reason that is, writers know grammar and SEO’s know formatting.


Your website is going to live and die based on the content that you produce and share. Google is all about authenticity and transparency, with people trying to game to system eventually being caught. This article will go over some information and resources for Australian businesses, hopefully providing some quality and encouraging you to take action to ensure your standards compliance are met, including the almighty Panda Algorithm update.



That probably all sounds a little bit melodramatic, but you have to understand that content really is king today – and probably always will be from here on out. Web users and visitors just won’t tolerate anything less than high quality content any longer, and search engine algorithms and “web crawlers” have been redesigned from the ground up to avoid content from terrible article writers pushing junk out of a content mill.

Unless you want your website to survive in the backwoods of the last few pages of a Google search result, you need to focus on producing high-quality content for your visitors.

The Internet has created the most competitive business environment in human history.

Entrepreneurs and business people have never had to fight for every single customer like the way they do today. Competition is pouring in from all corners of the globe, and anyone with a laptop and Internet connection (and a harebrained, halfcocked idea or scheme) can create their own global business before dinnertime.

And they are going to be gunning for your customers.

raaage_pandaThe only way to jump above all of the noise, clutter, and confusion in your market today is to stand out as an expert, a celebrity, and someone that can be trusted. Visitors to your website are going to need to know (almost immediately) that you are on their side, but that you also know exactly what you’re talking about – and have the answers that they are looking for.

High quality content that has been written for real visitors, real human beings, and real potential customers (as opposed to content for SEO spiders) is the only way to penetrate into a new market today and build your business from the ground up. Don’t get me wring here, you do need to follow quality guidelines to avoid being hit by Panda, but if you’re providing great content then Panda shouldn’t be an issue.

The ultimate way to have high quality content written is to go down to your local TAFE and try to hire someone doing their diploma in journalism. Once you have content to publish, you will need to invest in content marketing to gain some traffic.

A quick word about hiring article writers

If you haven’t been gifted with the seemingly supernatural ability to pump out high quality content on a regular basis (or if, as any smart and savvy entrepreneur, you have more important things to do with your time), you’re going to want to hire high quality article writers.

Not all of them are created equally.

You’re going to find seemingly anyone that can string a couple of sentences together is going to offer their services to you, promising you the moon and the stars when it comes to results. Unfortunately, just because their English teacher in grade school thought they could really compose a book report they think they have the chops to help you build your business.

Some of them might be able to. But most of them will run your business right into the ground with terrible writing and poor content.

And a lot of them can do the damage a lot faster than you would believe!

Don’t visit content mills or article writer grind houses to find people to work on your high quality content. Instead, keep an eye out for articles that catch your eye and hold your attention (or even get you to pull out your wallet) as you bounce around the Internet. And when you find them (and you will find them), drop that writer a line and find out what it would take to bring them on board your team.

Those kinds of article writers, the kind that know just how valuable killer content really is, are worth their weight in gold.

A quick word about content marketing

This is essential if you’re providing unique content. People will naturally link back to you if you are providing a reference article of writing about a topic that generally isn’t covered as yet. There are a large number of platforms out there already, but the main platform people turn to is Outbrain. Of course, you can’t beat good old fashioned outreach to influences and asking for feedback. Try and send a gift to people that do provide feedback as they will share that on social and social media signals are very important.



This article was compiled because I’ve issues I’ve had to face with my business. I just want to give a quick should out to Nick Cavarretta that provided some kick ass training for following these guidelines. If you’re a business owner and need to be delivered a training course in SEO guidelines for content, then hit him up at and mention this article.

If you need article writers then also hit up Nick as he owns a content creation company and provides content with potential to go viral. Their main focus are press releases and news articles.

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You Need to Invest in Screen Printing for your band

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Since I wrote about the Unsigned Band Network, I have been quite the busy man. I’ve been helping do a re-develop of the site with an official launch to come. Anyway, the reason I’m saying this is because we are looking to hook up a sweet deal for band merchandise. Ohhhh yeah. The big boys over at 24 Hour T-shirts have hooked us up with a special discount on bulk band merch.

Think about it like this… You are looking forward to your next big concert. Your band has rehearsed each song for weeks and you are overly excited about finally being able to showcase your work to your loyal fans at the venue. If you truly want to make sure that your band is able to milk this opportunity to maximize exposure and give your fans something that they will never forget, you should seriously consider investing in Gildan screen printing to create band T-shirts for them to wear. Why the hell not! These days everyone knows that bands rely on merch to survive.

One of the main reasons why you should invest in screen printing your band T-shirts, for your fans, is because of the simple fact that everyone loves a great T-shirt; hell, even I still wear shitty old Lagwagon t-shirts from 1998.

When someone wears your t-shirt at your gig, you know that your fans love you and your band – which is one of the main reasons why they are buying tickets to your concert in the first place. Therefore, creating screen printed shirts – perhaps with your picture on them – will only make them love you even more!


I should probably mention that I put emphasis screen printed t-shirts because digital printed t-shirts fucking suck balls. They fade quickly, they’re expensive if you order more than one. Pffft.


And the award goes to….. Gildan!

Do you plan on having any type of meet and greet session with your fans either before or after the concert is over? If so, you will be able to benefit greatly by investing in Gildan T-shirts, because you can give some away during these events. Thanks to the high-quality fabric used by Gildan products, you can even use these shirts as canvases for autographs if that is what your fans prefer.

Gildan are affordable, but don’t lack in quality; meaning they’re no shit. Another good brand that’s just come into the market, pushed by the boys over at 24 Hour T-shirts is Keya; check out the range here.

As mentioned earlier, your fans are going to want to remember your concert forever – especially if you are able to pull off the nearly perfect performance that you and your band have been working so hard to provide behind the scenes for so long. By using screen printed shirts to create your band merch, you will be able to do just that! Whether your fans decide to wear your shirts on a regular basis or even frame them (after they have been autographed by your bandmates), you will be able to give them a souvenir that they can cherish and value much longer after your concert is over.

High-Quality Shirts, Low-Quality Prices

Another benefit for investing in Gildan or Keya screen-printing, is that you will not have to worry about breaking the bank just to buy band t-shirts. When it comes to developing and designing band T-shirts, the expenses associated with this endeavor could go through the roof. Look, everyone and anyone can use photoshop these days, and there is always fiverr if you get stuck on designs.


However, as long as you trust in a reputable brand and well-established screen printing T-shirt company in Australia – here comes the promo – then get onto 24 hour T-shirts, you can rest assured in knowing that you will be getting a great deal.


The team at 24-Hour T-Shirts is fully equipped and prepared to provide you with competitively priced deals that lead to high-quality and T-shirts for low-quality prices. Give your loyal fans the experience of a lifetime and the memorable souvenir to never forget it without having to run broke and lose a substantial amount of money to do it.

Just FYI, if you think you can do the screen printing yourself, then you can always buy your blank apparel from a site called Click n Wear. They provide all those brands including the almighty famous AS Colour.

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The Perks of Being an Investor

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Australian-moneyIt’s never been easier to become an investor. Whether you’re talking about the DOW Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, the ASX, forex or some other exchange, with the Internet, any investment you want to make is a click away. However, these days, investing can also mean putting your money into projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pozible too.

What Are These New Forms of Investing?

These sites and many others are referred to as crowd sourcing. The way they work is fairly simple too. Someone comes up with an idea for a product, but doesn’t have the money to mass produce it or otherwise get it made. So they take to any of the above sites to get the needed capital. Back in the day, this is where investing firms would come in, but a lot of times they’re now irrelevant.

Investors Receive Rewards for Their Pledges

People can usually invest somewhere between $5 and $100. In return, the manufacturer promises them something like a free version of the product or some other reward commiserate with the amount pledged.

In some ways, this makes complete sense. People are investing in a product, not because they want to see financial returns, but because they actually want the product. So the person making it promises the people they’ll get one if they send money upfront.


A lot of times, in order to secure that initial investment, a manufacturer will promise the product to an investor at a more affordable price. Others can still buy it later, but they’ll have to pay the total price charged for the product.


One kind of cool benefit that can come from being a crowd source investor is that you get bragging rights if the product goes big. It says something about your trend awareness if you were able to find a product before it got huge and invest in it. The more times you do this, the more it says about your abilities.

Sense of Satisfaction

Also, there’s something very satisfying about helping someone accomplish their dreams. Whether or not you believe in karma, helping out others in such a situation can’t help but raise your spirits. Plus, if you truly believe in the product they were putting out, then part of their success feels like yours too.

So if you want some unique benefits from investing, you don’t need to start buying shares. Instead, head to Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Pozible and see what else is possible.

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New Business Idea: Alternative Medicine like Acupressure May Be Good

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If you are looking for a new business idea that you can take and run with, then you may want to look at the world of Acupressure as well as other types of alternative medicine, you would actually find some surprising benefits of acupressure you wish you knew.

acupressure stock image

Image is courtesy of Shutterstock

There is a large growing movement that is begging to embrace the use of things such as acupressure along with alternative medicine. Many people are seeing that there is a growing amount of evidence that shows that alternative medicine is an affordable method to treat a number of ailments. For this reason, there are a number of people that are going into this field of business. There are other reasons than just popularity that should be looked at as to why this is a great business to get involved with. You can actually download your acupressure chart here to get you started.

Another good reason to head in this direction is the fact that getting started is a lot easier than with a number of other business ideas out there. The requirements are not as stringent as with other things like florists or bakery. With an Acupressure business, you can easily get the needed certification and within a few days to a couple of weeks be accepting your first clients.

Costs associated with getting started are far less than with other types of business. If you have an established relationship with a supplier that offers you a good deal on your supplies as well as a place already lined up to operate out of, then you one area that you can save some serious money is in the rental of a space. With alternative medicine, you can either work from your home or come to the place that the client is at. This will mean that if you go this route, you will only be out the money for the gas you spent. This in the end can actually be cheaper than renting a space of your own.

The last reason why this makes sense is due to the fact that you are providing a service that helps people in their overall way of living. You are able to help others live a better life and help them to actually increase the quality of life. While there is a good amount of money to be had with this line of work. That for many will be lower on the list, as their main focus will be that of helping people improve their quality of life.

All of these reasons are great as to why alternative medicine is such a popular way to go with opening a new business. While it is not a walk in the park, it is a business that will offer a person the chance to have a career that is not the usual that a person opens a business with. It also will help a person to see that the advantages of alternative medicine is catching on and that they will be at the front of the line of people that are going into this line of business. Acupressure and alternative medicine is an excellent choice for a business that will make you a comfortable living and give you a sense of satisfaction.

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A New Network Opened for Unsigned Bands

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band stage

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Whether you’re trying to break into the music industry or your act just needs a few live gigs under your belt, there’s nothing easy about finding the exposure you want. It’s sad to think how many bands probably never made it because they just couldn’t find the places to perform. Others may not have made it simply because they never got seen by the right people. In any case, these problems may be safely behind you now thanks to Unsigned Band Network.

The Concept

The idea behind this new network is a fairly simple one. You have bands that are talented and want to get more playing time and exposure. You also have a large array of people who want live bands. We’re not talking fans here, but people like music agents, event coordinators, managers, etc.

So why not take what’s worked so well for social media and leverage it against this marketplace? That’s the idea that gave birth to this new network for the music industry.

Connections to Be Made

To be clear, the Network isn’t actually part of the music industry. But that’s almost one of the best parts. When you decide to use the network, it doesn’t mean you need to sign a contract or go in with some company. The Network is actually a not for profit that’s just looking to help one group of people connect with another.
In the past, a lot of good music probably fell by the wayside because this type of social media platform wasn’t around. Hopefully, that problem is now coming to an end.

For Agents, Managers and Event Coordinators

Keep in mind too that people on the other side of the spectrum—the agents, managers and event coordinators we mentioned earlier—get just as much from the site as the bands. In fact, the site really caters to these types because they’re an essential fixture.

So whether you need Australian unsigned bands for a festival coming out or just need an opening act, you now have a place to go. Likewise, if you want to add more acts to your label, but don’t want to spend countless nights going around to local clubs, you now have a place to go. And, of course, if you’re an unsigned band that just needs to get some more exposure, you now have a place to go. It’s called Unsigned Band Network and it’s going to change how music is done.

Please visit the Unsigned Band Network of Australia, alternatively you can stalk them on facebook or follow them on twitter

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3 Tips to Get More Customer Reviews for Your E commerce Store

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There are countless ways to grab the attention of Google and other search engines so that more traffic comes your way. However, one of the most important methods has to be getting reviews for your e-commerce site. Not only is it great for SEO, but it’s a form of this important strategy that actually motivates potential customers.


Make Your Reviews Visible

This may seem obvious, but if you want more customer reviews for your e-commerce store, you’re going to have to make sure that it’s obvious that you actively want them. Put the reviews up on your site where everyone can see them so customers know this is not only an option, but something you appreciate.

Of course, when you take this tact, you need to expect that some people are going to leave you bad reviews where all can see, but there’s nothing you can do about that. Keep working to have best e-commerce store possible and this shouldn’t be an issue over time.

Be Honest About Your Need for Reviews

Along the same lines, make your need for reviews visible as well. After all, they say if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no.” You can do this a few ways:

  • Just be straightforward and put it somewhere on your site where everyone can see that you appreciate reviews.
  • Use your social media platform to ask friends and followers to please review your site.
  • If you have a physical product, slip a note in the packaging that asks for a review of your e-commerce website. Otherwise, if you provide a service, you can send an email with their receipt that asks for a review.

Obviously, this is a bad route to go if you aren’t providing a product or service worthy of deserving a positive review. This brings us to our next piece of advice.

Provide Superior Customer Service

We all know that people are more likely to go public with a bad experience than a good one. It’s a strange part of human nature that people would rather leave reviews about something they didn’t like than reward behavior from companies that did the right thing.

So the first lesson from this is simply not to provide lackluster service. Those aren’t the types of reviews you want and you don’t want that kind of attention online. Obviously, sometimes there’s nothing you can do and someone just wants to leave a bad review.

However, also look to provide customer service that goes above and beyond. I know this sounds like a challenge, but your goal is to motivate someone to leave you that coveted review you want solely because you did such great work.
Now, every time you go above and beyond, will you be getting a review? No. Of course not. However, when your efforts do get noticed, that’s going to be the kind of review you want others to see.

So if you haven’t been getting the customer reviews you want for your site, consider implementing the above tips. Be patient at first and you should see results.

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Becoming a Sydney Photographer – How to Take Wedding Photos

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As a top photographer in Sydney, Australia, you typically have to learn a thing or two about taking wedding photos. It is not as easy as it sounds as you have only one chance to capture those unique moments and people don’t slow down for you during the reception.

After spending time as a Sydney fashion photographer it is safe to say that the pressures between fashion photography and wedding photography are similar. If you are just getting started with wedding photos here are a few tips you will want to follow:

Find a Photography Mentor
While jumping in with both feet and learning from your mistakes may sound like a great idea, the bride and groom will most likely disagree with you. It is always best to work with a seasoned wedding photographer prior to making the jump into your own career.

This will allow you to learn the ropes from the guidance of an experienced professional. As well, you will gain a better understanding about the emotional side of wedding photography, which can be quite powerful.

Become a Wedding Generalist
To perfectly capture the couple’s special day, you will need to wear a variety of hats. Not only will you need to be quick in capturing the awe-inspiring candid moments but you will also need to be able to take close up photos of the decorations, table ornaments, guests, etc.

You are telling a beautiful story so put on your photojournalist hat and tell the best story possible.

It’s All About Attitude
If you desire to be a successful wedding photographer, you will need the right attitude. You will need to be interpersonal in order to fully connect with the couple as well as their guests – remember weddings are suppose to be fun.

At the same time, you will need to have a creative attitude and be willing to take a few risks to catch that perfect moment of the night. Treat every wedding as if it were your own and you will be well on your way to creating a long, storied career as an ideal wedding photographer.

Remember, your career starts with having an amazing mentor. There are plenty of Sydney fashion photographers that would be more than happy to take you under their wing and show you the ropes. All it takes to get started is a quick Google search!

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